Pricing & Quotes

Cookies are a luxury item that may not fit into everyone’s event budget. Keep in mind that the skill, specialty tools, as well as time commitment for even a simple design is an investment.

In generating pricing for custom orders, we consider intricacy and number of designs, shades of colors, size, time and research, materials, and other specifications. All work – from mixing batters and frosting to baking, decorating, and packaging – are meticulously done by hand. 

If you request a quote for custom desserts and do not place the order immediately, the prices and design specifications are subject to change over time. For example, if you request a price quote for a custom order in the beginning of the year but do not contact us again to place the order until June, prices and design specifications may differ. 

The only way to secure your date and order at a quoted price is to confirm the order right away by paying the 50% retainer.  We will finalize the details for your order, send you an email confirmation, and add your order to our calendar. In most cases, the remaining balance will be due 1 week prior to fulfillment. 

Payment Options

Digital payment is always quickest and simplest for us! We will send you an email invoice through Square. We also accept payment via Venmo.  For all orders, a retainer of 50% is due upon placing the order. The remaining balance is due 1 week prior to your fulfillment date. 

​For orders placed within 1 week of the fulfillment date, payment will be due upon ordering

​We can begin creating your order once the full balance has been collected.